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Community property with right of survivorship

A way married couple can own property that is a variant of joint tenancy with right of survivorship. The difference…

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Community property

This is property that belongs equally to both spouses. It includes any property, asset, or liability either party acquires during…

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Arizona is a Community Property State – a Brief History

Arizona is a Community Property State – a Brief History Arizona is one of just nine community property states in…

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How is community property divided during a divorce?

You and your spouse can agree to divide the property however you want as long as your division is fair….

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What is community property in Arizona?

Community property is any asset or debt either spouse acquired during the marriage. It includes houses, businesses, retirement accounts, stocks,…

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After a legal separation, is the money I earn my money or community property?

That is your money. Any property or debt acquired after legal separation belongs to the spouse who acquired it.  

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Community Waste During a Marriage

What Qualifies as Community Waste During a Divorce For better or for worse, for richer, or poorer… Sometimes, “for poorer”…

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Sole and Separate Property

Property that belongs 100% to one spouse and is not part of the community property. Most commonly, this is property…

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Real Property

Ownership of any land and anything affixed to the land, including the marital residence, other homes, and any land owned…

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