A statement made by an attorney during a trial. Parties can also choose to proceed by avowal, meaning that their…

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Automatic Stay

When a bankruptcy is filed, certain proceedings involving the debtor (the person filing bankruptcy) are automatically stayed. This includes a…

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Attributed income

When a party is not working or is unreasonably underemployed, a court can, when determining child and spousal support, attribute…

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Attorney standard

When people represent themselves in Court, they are held to an attorney standard, i.e., they are expected to know the…

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Attorney of record

The attorney who is legally representing a client and is recognized through the Clerk of the Court as the responsible…

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Attorney-client privilege

An evidentiary standard about whether the privileged conversations and emails between an attorney and client can be used as evidence…

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ATLAS number

This is the number used by the state to track child support cases. Every child support case has one, and…

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At Issue

Something the Court must decide, e.g., “At issue is whether Mother violated the Preliminary Injunction …” is the same as…

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A more informal way of saying “arrearage.” See Arrearage.

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As defined by A.R.S. § 25-500(1), “the total unpaid support owed, including child support, past support, spousal maintenance and interest.”

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