An accounting term which means to convert a figure into an annual rate, or yearly average. Both the Child Support…

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Adjusted basis

For tax purposes, an adjusted basis, includes the price of acquisition plus adjustments for the cost associated with the sale…

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Authentication Certificate

A document that assures the receiving jurisdiction that the official documents received from another jurisdiction are legitimate. This can occur…

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A requirement imposed by certain countries that official documents be certified by public officials before they will be recognized in…

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An apostille authenticates official documents, i.e., it is a document, signed by a government official, to verify to other governments…

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Actual Income

For spousal maintenance purposes, “income from any source before any deductions or withholdings” ASMG § III(A)(1)(b). It is meant to…

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Alienation of Affections

A common-law tort (i.e., a lawsuit that was historically permitted) if a wife cheated on her husband, he could sue…

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A statement made by an attorney during a trial. Parties can also choose to proceed by avowal, meaning that their…

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Automatic Stay

When a bankruptcy is filed, certain proceedings involving the debtor (the person filing bankruptcy) are automatically stayed. This includes a…

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Attributed income

Income that “is not actually earned or received but is an assigned income based on a court finding that the…

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Attorney standard

When people represent themselves in Court, they are held to an attorney standard, i.e., they are expected to know the…

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