Credit Report

A document that shows a party’s open debts, lines of credit, and credit card score. If requested and approved by…

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Conciliation Services

A division of the Court dedicated to helping litigants resolve disputes. Conciliation Services generally provides mediation services, such as Alternative…

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Child Support

By law, every person has a duty to support their biological or adopted children. See A.R.S § 25-501(A). This applies…

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Conformed Copy

A filing that bears the stamp of Court indicating that it was received by the Court.

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When a witness is questioned on the stand, under oath, by the party who did not call the witness. Cross-examination…

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Someone to whom the marital community owes money.

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Covenant marriage

A specific kind of marriage that a couple can choose to form in accordance with A.R.S. § 25-901. Unlike a…

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Court of Appeals Division Two

Court of Appeals Division Two.  Located in Tucson, this Court hears appeals from the superior courts in Cochise, Gila, Graham,…

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Court of Appeals Division One

Court of Appeals Division One is located west of downtown Phoenix near the state capital and in the same building as…

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Court of Appeals

This is the Court that hears appeals and special actions from the decisions made by the superior court. A panel…

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An action taken to punish someone for not complying with a Court order when they had means to do so….

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