When the Court orders a child support or spousal maintenance amount different than what is on the Child Support Worksheet…

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Date of Service

This is the date a Petition is actually served on the Responding party. The date of service is significant in…

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Due process

This is a constitutional right to have a fair court proceeding—or, in other words, to have one’s day in Court….

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Drahos calculation

This is a formula used to calculate a community lien on a property. The calculation is C + [(C/B) x…

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A domicile is different than and more than merely residing somewhere. A person is domiciled in the jurisdiction where they…

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Domestic violence

For an action to be considered domestic violence, it must (1) be an act that meets the standard for the…

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The Court’s chronological record of filings and calendar of hearings in a case. Dockets are publicly available online (although the…

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Divorce with minor children

A divorce in which the parties have minor children in common. The children can be the parties’ biological or adopted…

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Division of property

A general term referring to how the parties’ debts and assets will be allocated in a divorce decree.

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Division (courts)

A division of the court refers to an individual judge’s courtroom and calendar.

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This is the Court’s word for a divorce. It means the marriage is dissolved or terminated and each party is…

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