Fluctuating Income

Income that varies from month to month. Fluctuating income is annualized for both child support and spousal maintenance. In other…

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Full Faith and Credit Clause

Full Faith and Credit Clause – This is a clause in the United State Constitution requiring states to honor the…

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Foreign Order

An order issued by any Court outside of Arizona. This includes courts of other states.

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Fraud Upon the Court

Fraud upon the court (also referred to as “fraud on the court”) is exactly what it sounds like—someone commits fraud…

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Fraud involves knowingly making a false statement or misrepresentation (more simply, lying). Failing to make a truthful statement may also…

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Fitness Concerns

This describes concerns about whether a parent can safely watch the child or can adequately meet the child’s needs. Typical…

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This means the parent can safely watch the child. In Troxel v. Granville, the U.S. Supreme Court defined a fit…

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Fault Divorce

This is a requirement that a divorce can only be granted if there is some sort of fault by one…

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Family Support

A general term for when spousal maintenance and child support are ordered together but the amounts are not separated by…

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Family Law Proceeding

A proceeding brought in regards to divorce or child custody; more technically, a court proceeding filed under Title 25 of…

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