Item-theory state

States that require every piece of property be divided in half. Arizona rejects this approach. See Aggregate Theory State. 

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Issues presented

This is the part of the Appellate Brief where you detail the questions you want the Court of Appeals to…

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Invoke the Rules

When a party requests strict compliance with the Arizona Rules of Evidence under ARFLP Rule 2. This means the personal…

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This term in family law refers to an outside party becoming an active party in a case. For example, a…

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This is a discovery tool where one party sends the other party questions for that party to answer under oath….

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Intestate Succession

The process through which a Court determines the heirs of someone who died without a will. When a married person…

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The process of dividing the estate of someone who died without a will. This can have a substantial impact on…

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Intangible property

Property that is not physical or touchable in nature, such as cryptocurrency and intellectual property (trademarks and copyrights) and the…

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Insufficient process

One of the defenses that can be raised against a Petition under Rule 29(b)(6) of the Arizona Rules of Family…

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