Lucrative Title

Any property earned by means other than community labor and industry of the parties. This is generally considered to be…

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Long Distance Parenting Plan

A parenting plan for when parents reside in different states. The typical long distance parenting plan is a week during…

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Legal separation

A formal legal process that terminates the marital community, divides all the community property and liabilities, and determines custody if…

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Legal parent

A person who is the biological or adoptive parent of the child and whose rights have been established and not…

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Legal fiction

Something the law creates or accepts as a fact, even though it is not true, to achieve a particular result….

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Legal decision-making

This is the right to make decisions on behalf of the child when it comes to decisions involving the child’s…

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Leave to amend

When a party wants to change their Petition, and a Response has already been filed, they must seek leave of…

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Leave of court

When leave of court applies, the party wanting to do something, such as amending a petition or taking the deposition…

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