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A principle under which an Arizona court will recognize the judicial acts of a foreign court out of courtesy and…

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Closely held stock

When a company is predominantly owned by either one shareholder or a small number of shareholders. In a business valuation…

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Cause of action

The reason someone is starting a new case. For example, in a divorce case, the cause of action would be…

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Automatic Stay

When a bankruptcy is filed, certain proceedings involving the debtor (the person filing bankruptcy) are automatically stayed. This includes a…

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Arizona is a Community Property State – a Brief History

Arizona is a Community Property State – a Brief History Arizona is one of just nine community property states in…

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Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement for Business Owners

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement for Business Owners AND Their Future Spouses  If you own a business and you are…

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Holt Named Ambassador for Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce

SCOTTSDALE – State 48 Law Firm Director of Client Relations Dana Holt has been named an Ambassador for the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.

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When does the Marital Community start and end?

The marital community starts on the date of marriage and ends on the day the Petition for Dissolution is served,…

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What is the Response to a Petition for Dissolution?

The Response to a Petition for Dissolution is the first filing made by the person who is listed as the…

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The Drahos Calculation and the Hidden Danger of Disclaimer Deeds During Marriage

*DRAHOS UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2022* In September 2022, the Drahos Calculation was updated by the Arizona Supreme Court. The Court considered…

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