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What issues need to get decided in a legal separation?

The same as those in divorce. The Court must divide up all the community property and debts the two of…

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My spouse started a business, can I get it in the divorce?

Maybe, unless an exception applies, you are an owner of the business because it was started during the marriage. Under…

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Five Most Common Issues in a Divorce with Children in Arizona

There are five primary issues in a divorce with children: division of the community property, legal decision-making, parenting time, child…

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Who gets the house in a divorce in AZ?

Who gets the house in a divorce in AZ?   For most divorcing couples, their home is the biggest asset…

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Top 5 Things to Know About Divorce in Arizona

Top 5 Things to Know About Divorce in Arizona 1. Arizona is a community property state. This means anything either spouse…

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Quit Claim Deed

A document signed by someone that gives up their interest in real property. It is a common way to take…

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Are email agreements valid in divorce? A look at Ertl v Ertl

Email Agreements are valid in an Arizona divorce because of Ertl v. Ertl Ertl v. Ertl, — Ariz. — (App….

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Valuing a Business’s Goodwill in a Divorce

How is a business’s goodwill valued in a divorce?   When the marital community in a divorce includes a business,…

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Drahos Calculation Update September 2022

The Drahos Calculation and the Arizona Supreme Court’s 2022 Update   In September 2022, the Arizona Supreme Court considered whether…

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Unilateral Transmutation

When one spouse gifts their sole and separate property to the marital community. See also Transmutation and Bilateral Transmutation.

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