Best Interest Factors

These are a set of factors that a Court must consider whenever determining legal decision-making or parenting time. The Court…

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Business day

As defined by A.R.S. § 25-500(2), “a day when state offices are open for regular business.” See Judicial Day. See…

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These are the documents that each party files to make their case to the Court of Appeals. These tend to…

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Bilateral Transmutation

When the parties agree to transform one spouse’s sole and separate property into community property. See also Transmutation and Unilateral…

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Bifurcated Divorce

It’s where different parts of the divorce are handled by different courts. For example, in In re Marriage of Peck,…

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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

This is a legal burden of proof the state must meet to convict someone of a crime in criminal court….

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Best Interests

This is the legal standard of proof in child custody cases. It means that you must show that whatever you…

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Best Friend of a Child

A non-parent of certain status who is allowed to bring a paternity or maternity proceeding under A.R.S. §§ 25-803 and…

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Best Evidence Rule

A requirement that parties only use original documents for evidence. However, exceptions can be made when the document is unavailable….

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A tax term describing the price a taxpayer paid to acquire a property. When a property or asset is sold,…

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