Robbie Hendricks

Robbie Hendricks

Managing Partner
Hometown: Mesquite, Nevada
Law School: Arizona State University


Robbie Hendricks is the founder and Managing Partner of State 48 Law Firm, and he is a Certified Family Law Specialist. Over his eight years of practicing family law, Robbie has emerged as one of the state’s best family law attorneys. He is respected for his professionalism, knowledge, and most importantly, the results he gets for his clients.

He primarily handles complex divorce litigation and high conflict custody cases. He knows the key to success is developing a clear strategy and executing it. Robbie has successfully handled all types of family law cases, including complex / high-asset divorces, high-conflict child custody matters, and family law appellate cases.

Robbie understands the emotional nature of this area of law and the important role attorneys have in helping families move forward successfully. For this reason, Robbie emphasizes clear communication and a pragmatic approach to sensitive issues. He believes in resolving disputes through mediation and settlement negotiations. His approach not only saves clients money, it produces better results. His extensive experience in high-conflict litigation has enabled him to quickly recognize when a change of tact is required. If settlement is not an option and the matter must proceed to trial, Robbie is dedicated to ensuring he is the most knowledgeable and prepared attorney in the courtroom.

Q & A

How do you like to spend your time away from the courtroom and office?

I am a golfer. I enjoy a challenge and golf is as challenging as it getsI love the grind and there is no better feeling when the hard work pays off.  I also play basketball and spend time with my family and friends. And I live to watch the Jazz and the Packers.  I also have two Australian Shepherdthat wish I was home 24-hours a day. (They really enjoyed COVID).  

In your words, what does State 48 Law do that sets this firm apart?

This firm is built on integrity, respect, and honesty. We believe in clear communication, creating a strong game plan for our clients, and executing itIt may be cliché, but the strength of our team is the team. We have great people at our firm. We have talented attorneys and a skilled support staffI’m proud of the individuals at the firm. But the sum is greater than its parts. Our model is different than most law firms. We have always taken a collaborative approach, which has allowed us to provide the highest quality legal representation. And that’s what State 48 Law is all about; producing great results for our clients and continuing to strengthen and improve as a legal team.  

What does preparation for a hearing or trial look like for you?

Strategy beats bluster. I’ve always prided myself on my ability to outwork anyoneI always strive to be the best, most prepared, knowledgeable, and effective attorney I can be.  I’ve learned that it’s not about being the loudest in the room. It is about knowing what is going to be effective and clearly delivering that message. I believe in being prepared for every contingencyFor hearings, I outline my client’s critical arguments and the other side’s potential rebuttals or objections. I prepare every question and know the outcome I am trying to achieve. For trials, I want to make sure our evidence is complete and properly submitted, that we have a clear pretrial statement, that we have our questions planned out, and that I have my client and other witnesses prepared to take the stand. But being prepared for hearings doesn’t mean just having paperwork in order, but it allows me to rely on the rules and procedures of the court to communicate the case to the judge so that we can trust them to make the best ruling based on the facts. Sounds simple but I’m amazed how many attorneys don’t put the same value into preparation.   

From the team:

Clients, opposing counsels, judges, and other professionals in the legal community recognize Robbie as being one of the most prepared people in the room. It shows in the way he prepares for hearings, knows the facts of a matter inside and out, and outworks the problem at hand to achieve what is most important to his clients.  

In the Community

See what Robbie’s clients have to say:

“Would highly recommend Robbie Hendricks with State 48.
Having Robbie represent me has been one of the best decisions of my life!

Divorce, especially with children, is such a difficult process. I had a highly unique and difficult case involving issues that most courtrooms around the US have no knowledge about. I was dealing with physical and emotional abuse, threats of international child kidnapping, stalking, and harassment.

Robbie rose to every challenge in my case with so much integrity, dedication and intelligence. He is SMART and CARING. He is respectful, professional, calming and reassuring. Any questions or concerns I had were answered in detail and promptly.”

– July 12, 2021

“Have utilized Robbie Hendricks over the past 6 years and will follow him wherever he goes. He is a stellar attorney who has a great disposition and possess the technical skills required to negotiate the most challenging of situations. He has a pleasant disposition and gets along with most attorneys and judges which is paramount to me. When all parties are more amicable it helps control costs and everyone wins.”

– June 17, 2021

“There simply aren’t enough words to express how grateful and thankful my husband and I are to have Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Vincent as our Family Court Attorney team. From planning to implementing, their experience in cases like ours is unmatched. They are professional, honest, kind, communicative, understanding and informative. We always feel like a priority, and they always made us feel like they were with us on this journey and not just passengers; we never felt like just another case used for reoccurring billing.

We have always felt like we are a team. They shared their knowledge and experiences in family law. We came up with strategies and planned together. They guided us for the best possible outcome with no false promises or false expectations. Just straight facts and truths. They understand complex cases. Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Vincent are truly the dynamic duo!”

– August 18, 2021

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