Two-Dollar Bankruptcy

“Prior to 1973, by getting married, a person contracting a debt while single could effectively protect his or her property…

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Trial by Jury

This is where the case is decided by a jury of one’s peers. Juries are generally seated for criminal and…

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A court hearing in which evidence and testimony are taken, and the Court makes a ruling on the issues presented…

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A process by which a party shows the judge exactly what transactions in a commingled fund were made by community…

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This is when a person’s sole and separate property becomes community property either by agreement of the spouses or by…

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Title IV-D

A reference to Title IV-D of Social Security Act, which triggers specialized child support proceedings when the child is on…

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Third-Party Rights

This is the ability of a non-parent to request legal decision-making, placement, or visitation of/with a child. Despite the term…

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Third Party

A non-parent who requests to have legal decision-making, placement, or visitation with a child.

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The sworn statements of a witness made at a trial or deposition.

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