Things to Consider Before Getting a Divorce

Your Support Network 

  • Do you have friends and family who will support you during the divorce? 
  • Do you need to find a therapist or mental health provider? 
  • Will you lose friendships because of their connection with your spouse? 
  • Who will you rely on for level-headed advice? 

Your Living Situation 

  • Where will you live during the divorce? 
  • Where will your spouse live? 
  • Can you afford rent or a mortgage? 
  • Will you and your spouse both want to remain where you are? 

Your Finances 

  • Can you support yourself financially without your spouse?  
  • Can your spouse support themselves financially? 
  • What changes to your budget will you need to make?  
  • Do you know what bank accounts, investments, retirement accounts you both own? 
  • What is your credit score?  
  • Have you opened your own separate checking and savings account?  
  • How are community expenses, such as the mortgage, insurance, car loan, utilities, etc., going to be paid while the divorce is pending?  

Your Online Accounts and Devices 

  • Do you have linked or shared online accounts? 
  • Are you and your spouse on a shared phone plan?   
  • What passwords do you need to change in order to ensure your privacy? 
  • What accounts do you both have access to? (Banking, Amazon, Paypal, Investment, Venmo, etc.).  
  • Are your email and social media accounts private and secure?  
  • Should you disable your social media accounts? 

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