Postnuptial Agreement

Very much like a prenuptial agreement except it occurs during the marriage. It must follow all the requirements of a…

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Prenuptial Agreement

An agreement made between two people prior to the marriage that can determine how they will hold property during the…

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Prevailing Party Standard

This refers to a standard for award attorney’s fees to the successful party in a case. Generally, this standard only…

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Protected Address

A party can request to have their address protected from the other party. If granted by the Court, the Clerk…

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Pro per (Pro se)

This is a party who is representing themselves in court (i.e., they don’t have a lawyer).

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Proof of Service

The evidence filed with the Court to show that service was completed. Common examples include a process server’s Affidavit of…

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Process Server

This is someone certified by the superior court to provide paperwork of a court proceeding to a person who is…

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Proceeds for Lost Wages

Proceeds for lost wages in a lawsuit will be considered to be community property if the wages would have been…

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