What is considered “personal property” in a divorce?

Personal property includes personal items, like your clothes, your wallet, purse, jewelry, furnishings, etc.

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Is Social Security divisible in a divorce?

Social security is not divisible in an Arizona divorce. The divorce court is a state court, so it cannot divide…

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What is a Preliminary Injunction in a divorce?

A Preliminary Injunction protects both parties during a pending divorce. It prevents people from taking certain actions to remove property…

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How is community property divided during a divorce?

You and your spouse can agree to divide the property however you want as long as your division is fair….

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When does the Marital Community start and end?

The marital community starts on the date of marriage and ends on the day the Petition for Dissolution is served,…

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What is the marital community?

The phrase “marital community” describes everything the community owns or owes. (assets and debts)

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What is community property in Arizona?

Community property is any asset or debt either spouse acquired during the marriage. It includes houses, businesses, retirement accounts, stocks,…

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What property gets divided in a divorce?

Any property that is community will be divided during the divorce. Community property is any property or debt that was…

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What is a Status Conference in divorce?

The Court sets a Status Conference whenever it wants to either get an update from the parties or wants to…

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What happens at the Resolution Management Conference in a divorce?

The RMC is the judge’s introduction to a divorce matter. The judge is essentially being introduced to the case, hearing…

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My spouse filed for divorce but I do not want to get divorced. Can I stop the divorce?

No, you cannot stop the divorce, but you can attempt to prevent it. The Court allows you to file a…

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What happens if I don’t file a Response to divorce papers?

Your spouse can move for default, and if successful, your spouse will get everything they requested in the Petition.

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