Can the other parent and I agree to change our Parenting Plan?

Yes, you can. You two are still the parents. Except in cases involving third parties, whenever the parents agree, the…

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Why did Arizona change what “child custody” means?

In 2012, the Legislature changed the meaning of the term, custody because they were concerned too many people fighting for custody did not understand…

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The other parent refuses to follow the Parenting Plan. What can I do?

You have a few options: The first option is to enforce the Parenting Plan by filing a Petition to Enforce. A Parenting…

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For child custody, is Arizona a “Mother’s state”?

No. Arizona is a gender-neutral state, meaning it does not favor one parent over the other because of gender.

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What do the Arizona courts try to achieve in a custody case?

In an ideal world, judges are trying to create a situation where both parents are equally involved, and the child…

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What should I be doing to prepare for a modification?

The answer depends a little bit on your circumstances, but generally speaking, you should be keeping a timeline of events…

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How long do I have to pay child support for?

You must pay child support until your child is 18 and graduated from high school or until they turn 19…

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