Father's Rights

Can you change first names too, or does the law only apply to last names?

Yes, it applies to both first and last names. Although parents more commonly are disputing the child’s last name, the…

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What is the standard the Court looks at when deciding whether to change the child’s name?

The Court must look at whether the name change is in the best interests of the child. A.R.S. § 12-601(B)….

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What if the other parent does not agree to change the child’s name?

Then you can ask the Court to change it. You do so by filing a Petition for a Name Change…

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Once the child has a name, can it be changed?

Yes, a child’s name can be changed. Any changes to the child’s name either need to be agreed upon by…

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I am a father, and the mother didn’t give our child my last name. Can’t I require that the child has my last name?

Not necessarily. The law does not require that the child bear the father’s last name. If you want the child…

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If I have legal decision-making, can I change my child’s name?

No, the authority to change the child’s name is not included within the legal decision-making authority. You will need either…

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My baby’s mother listed another man on the birth certificate. What should I do?

You need to file a Petition to Establish Paternity ASAP. There are deadlines for challenging paternity determinations, and a delay could…

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The mother didn’t give the child my last name. Can I change the child’s last name?

You can petition the Court to change the child’s last name. You will have the burden of proof, and the…

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If the Court orders equal parenting time, will I have to pay child support?

Possibly. Child support must be ordered unless the parties agree to a deviation, and the Court finds the deviation is…

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I live in Arizona, but child lives in another state. Nothing has ever been filed in Court. Can I file in Arizona to get custody?

It depends. For Arizona to have jurisdiction over custody, it has to be the home state of the child. That…

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My child’s mom won’t let me see my child. What can I do?

We get this call from a father at least once a day. We can certainly help you figure out what…

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