Appeals and Motions

If I am ordered to pay child support or spousal maintenance, and I appeal the ruling, do I have to pay child support or spousal maintenance while the appeal is pending?

Yes. Child support and spousal maintenance do not get suspended because of an appeal. You have an ongoing obligation to…

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How long does an appeal process take?

Typically, an appeal takes anywhere from nine to fifteen months to receive a decision.

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How do I appeal a family law ruling?

You file a Notice of Appeal in your existing case in the Superior Court. The Superior Court will then notify…

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How long do I have to file a family law appeal?

You have 30 days from when the ruling becomes final. A ruling becomes final when no more issues are pending…

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How can I win my family law appeal?

Finding the right attorney will give you the best chance to win your family appeal. You need an attorney who…

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Is appealing the judge’s ruling my only option?

No. An appeal is not your only option. And most likely, it is not even your best option. Typically, you…

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I received a bad family law ruling, what are my options?

You can motion the court to alter or amend its ruling, clarify its ruling, and reconsider its ruling. You can…

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